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Adding Node to Nutanix Cluster

Node in vSphere term is ESXi host. It is adding ESXi host to cluster. But this cluster is not vSphere cluster but Nutanix cluster

There are two ways to add it.

1. from command line

2. from Prism (this is vSphere term is vCenter (kind of))

1. From Command Line

Open SSH on any CVM machine with username:nutanix password:nutanix/4u

type ncli

then at ncli> prompt type Cluster

Protip: press Tab to see all command available for Cluster configuration

Here is all command you see specific to cluster

Now we know we need a command to add node to cluster. Just type cluster add and press tab

yes it is “cluster add-node”

Now see below, Action and Required arguments highlighted below. So we need to UUID of the new node

How to find UUID, I came across wonderful post by Michael Wilmsen VCDX 210 and realize you don’t need to search it if IPv6 is enabled.

As far as I know there is no IPv6 enabled in my lab. I just gave it try and see below.

cluster discover-nodes

Node is waiting to be discovered and all I need is now run cluster add-node to run again

BUT ….since I’m using nutanix CE it is not going to work. You have to build cluster right in the beginning. But process more or less is SIMPLEST I have yet to see.

Reference :

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