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Appendix-A Modifying existing VPG & End of Zerto Series

I purposely mentioned this as appendix post. As it some information which cannot be part of series. It could be a part of day to day operations.

One of the primary reason to modify existing VPG is adding VMs to it. You can add VMs to existing VPG using Web/C# client and Zerto UI. If you use Web/C# client you get three options

1. Add to Virtual Protection Group (VPG): Add VM to existing VPG

2. Protect As Standalone VM: Create a new VPG. VPG is created with name of the VM.

3. Create a New VPG: Create VPG with default name and add VM to it.

Note: Adding or removing VM from the VPG results in deletion of all check points and check point mechanism restarts after synch operation is complete.

After modifying VPG two tasks are initiated one after another. First task VPG definitions are updated.. Unless & until this task is completed next task cannot begin. In Second task changes are synchronized with the recovery site.

If the default values like host, Folder location, Failover Network or Test Network is changed, these values are applied to the existing VM automatically. You must go and change these values for that VM. But good thing is –you are made aware of it via pop warning.

If for whatever reason you wish to unprotect your VMs, you get option to delete the recovery volumes “Keep target disks at the peer site”. This can be helpful if you wish to re-protect the VM in future. Volume of the VM at the Recovery site can be used for pre-seeding.

If you re-size VM or remove volumes at the protected site, they are automatically reflected at the recovery site except if it is RDM


Here is my conclusion about Zerto and my experiencing while blogging it.

Zerto series is my understanding of product. For some reason I felt I should know this product. I requested a Demo and they happily agreed to give me evaluation license. I got it for a year. I’m quite pleased.

Thanks to Zerto’s Shannon for being so kind. I started with basic architecture, then went straight into installation and configuration. At someone point I simply followed Installation & configuration instruction and provided my thoughts against features which I found helpful. It is wonderful product for many reason. I specially likes its integration with vCloud director and DR support for vCloud Director.It was the first company to introduced Hypervizor based replication and was in complete in-line with the concept in Software defined datacenter. There are various blog series officially from Zerto which compares various solution available in the market.Quite recently Zerto has choose to introduced 101 Zerto as Mastering DR. Another wonderful series.Please follow it. I must admit I have scratched the surface of this product. There are many more thing I couldn’t cover due to other priorities. My next focus would be vCAC6.0 and its integration with vCloud Director and vCenter.

If you are first time visiting this page, please go to Landing Page to follow entire series of Zerto

Happy blogging !!!


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