• Preetam Zare

Auto deploy server (ads) – part 01

Things to note about ADS

  1. PXE booting is supported only by IPv4

  2. The Auto Deploy server on the vCenter Server appliance is disabled by default

  3. You cannot use more than one Auto Deploy server with one vCenter Server system

  4. Auto Deploy is optimized for provisioning hosts that have a fixed MAC address to IP address mapping in DHCP (sometimes called DHCP reservations). If you want to use static IP addresses, you must create an answer file for each host

  5. When you run Auto Deploy cmdlets, provide all parameters on the command line when you invoke the cmdlet. Supplying parameters in interactive mode is not recommended.

  6. Get-VMHostAttributes –will be used to retrieve attributes of host which will be used for autodeploy.

  7. Do not use VLAN tagged networks at the boot NIC. If you want to specify VLAN IDs, you must make sure that the host can reach the DHCP server when the host starts the boot process. Check with your network administrator how VLAN IDs are used in your environment

  8. Auto Deploy is not supported with NPIV (N_Port ID Virtualization).

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