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[Draft] Company PMZ.Local Profile

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Disclaimer: This Company is a figment of my imagination. Most of the things are based do not have any direct relevance.


Based out in Bibury, UK. Though the Headquarter is in Bibury, UK. Today there are 7 offices spread across the UK and all these are connected to Headquarter. Approximately 5 more offices are expected in the future with the UK and each office will have a minimum of 150 employees.


Company was founded in 2000. This Company was small in the beginning with only 25 people. All of them focused on Life and Health Insurance. Within the next 5 years grew to 1000 employee but mostly in the UK.


Focused on Insurance. Today, the 2019 company is nearly 2700 employees but continues to grow in the next five years.

IT Infrastructure

Today IT Infrastructure has Servers and Storage from Dell/EMC and all networking equipment from Cisco. Security products are mixed with Vendors like Palo Alto, RSA. The sites are connectivity through MPLS. Each site has its own Network infrastructure and very small Server and Storage footprint. Every site has a Domain controller and file server but these are not primary servers these are only there to avoid login latencies and large file data movement between the sites.

Today pmz.local has approximately 550 servers, 95% Windows and 5% mixing appliances and Linux flavors. VDI Infrastructure is primarily for external partners and affiliates and work from Home and BYOD. Today VDI can serve 1500 users. This will continue to grow especially for new offices which are opening in the coming months.


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