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Complete a Restore Rehearsal from Last Backup

Restore Rehearsal from Last Backup creates a new virtual machine from the most recent backup of the selected virtual machine. Complete a Restore Rehearsal from Last Backup to confirm that a virtual machine is being backed up as expected and that a successful restore operation can be completed.


Before you can complete a Restore Rehearsal from Last Backup, you must have configured VMware Data Recovery and have at least one backup.


1. In the vSphere Client, select Home > Solutions and Applications > VMware Data Recovery.

2. Connect to the backup appliance.

3. Right-click a virtual machine that has a backup and select Restore Rehearsal from Last Backup.

All the steps here onwards are same as Restoring Virtual machine, follow the steps as explained above. Machine will not be connected to network.

A new virtual machine with “Rehearsal” appended to its name is created by default in the same location as the source virtual machine.

A version of the virtual machine is restored to the inventory. The virtual machine created in the rehearsal has all NICs disconnected. This avoids the case where the trial restoration produces a virtual machine that starts completing tasks intended for an existing unrestored virtual machine.

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