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Configure Email Reporting–VDR

Information about Data Recovery operations can be emailed to specified users. This can be used to receive current information about the health of the Data Recovery system without having to connect to the Data Recovery appliance.

Data Recovery supports standard SMTP (port 25), authenticated SMTP (port 587), and non-standard ports in which you add the port number to the end of the mail server. If you do not specify a port, the defaults are used.

Data Recovery email reporting does not support secure SMTP. Email reporting does not support sending messages protected with SSL encryption.


1. In the vSphere Client, select Home > Solutions and Applications > VMware Data Recovery and click Connect.

2. Click the Configuration tab, click Email, and click Properties… The Email Properties window appears.

3. Specify settings for email reporting.

a. Provide the user name and password for an account with the appropriate permissions, as required.

b. Provide the address from which the mail will be sent.

c. Provide the addresses to which the mail will be sent.

4. You may elect to test the settings by clicking Send test email.

5. Click OK.

Email reporting is now configured. An email with information about the Data Recovery system state is sent at the configured times.

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