• Preetam Zare

Configure High Availability in Acropolis Hypervisor–Nutanix 101

It is four step process to configure High Availability. Haven’t seen anywhere if you need vMotion kind of interface yet.

will update the step if I find it later.

1. Login to prisim

2. Select Gear Icon on right hand side shown below

3. Select Manage VM High Availability (shown above), tick the check box (shown Below)

4. By default HA is configured in Acropolis hypervisor as Best effort i.e. no Strict Admission is enable.

After you press “Save”, another window pops us and clearly tells us how much RAM it is going to reserve and takes you concurrence. (Yet to understand how this reservation is calculated)

Finished yeah that is, you see the message below and next blink HA is configured

Home screen you can see the status. All cool Green

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