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Configuring Backup Job in Vembu

In earlier posts (Post:01, Post:02) I gave a brief over of Vembu Backup production. I have consciously still not covered the installation of Vembu. But I will keep that aside. In this post, I shall walk you through how to configure backup job and multiple options that are available.

After you install the straightforward, simplest product I have ever seen, you point the browser to https://localhost:6061 and below page welcomes you.

Vembu BDR Suite Logon Page

After login, you are greeted with configuration page. This page I have not seen post configuration. It is apparently only one time.

One time backup configuration screen in Vembu

As a first step, depending upon your hypervisor, physical servers or application you have to select one among the four options. 9 out of 10 times you will choose VMware vSphere/Microsoft Hyper-V. All you need to provide is vCenter/SCVMM credentials.

vSphere and Hyper-V are the hypervisor options for taking image level backups. You can backup physical server as “image”. For granular restore, you need to install Vembu Network Backup Client Installer. Right now support for Exchange, MS SQL, SharePoint is available.

Register Vembu with vCenter

Register Vembu with ESXi/vCenter Servers

In Next step provide ESXi host/vCenter parameters requested as shown below.

Provide ESXi/vCenter Servers credentials

Finally, save the credentials. Post validation below is the outcome which contains links either to start. It is evidence that vCenter is registered and now you start configuring backup policy.

Start backup/replication using Vembu

Add Virtual Machine to backup schedule

I choose backup now option which took me straight to the following screen. I have to expand cluster, ESXi host to find the right VM

Select VMs to be backed up using Vembu

Disk exclusion is another great feature from Vembu. This feature is extremely helpful when disk space is a concern. When I backup VMs I select them based on requirement e.g. I do not need to take backup VM of full VM, If my chief purpose is to protect database backup and it is stored on the particular volume. This is an unyielding use case is for Oracle database, DB you backup and store in particular drive which is the most critical data you must backup every day.

Select disks to be excluded from the following options

Select disks to be excluded in Vembu

Here you will understand the importance of sizing drive. Without knowing which drive corrrespond which disk inside OS it is impossible to select the right option from it.

Configure Scheduling

I have discussed in detailed in previous posts (Post01, Post02) multiple scheduling options. It is at this screen we have come where we discuss in detail the options. We have three options to choose from

  1. Hourly

  2. Daily

  3. Weekly

I have illustrated below how choices in every screen change as we select through all the options

Hourly backup for Near CDP in Vembu

Daily backup options in Vembu

Weekly backup options in Vembu

Retention Policies

In the below screen Retention Policies are configured. In this window, you also have the choice to set Application Aware options and additional full backups. By default, BDR performs incremental backups forever.

Retention Policies in Vembu

Application Aware Options

For application aware processing you must enter credentials. You also have the options to follow application processing or ignore it altogether. By Default all the checkboxes are deselected. Application-aware processing provides consistent snapshot by quiescing applications using VSS drivers.

Application-aware processing options in Vembu

Additional Full Backup Options

All backup policies in Vembu are by default Incremental Forever. An incremental backup can become quite significant over time. It depends upon backup frequency and rate of change of data. Vembu recommends doing a full back at least once after initial full backup.

Additional Full Backup Options in Vembu

Review configuration

In this screen review backup policy setting. I have provided backup job name. After I save the backup job, I have the option to run the backup job immediately or allow it to run at scheduled time.

Review backup configuration in Vembu

Most of the time backup will trigger during non-production hours which in most case you won’t be in front of the backup server, but you should know where to watch the backup progress.

Backup Progress Window in Vembu

How long did it take to take backup

Considering I have installed Vembu BDR in my lab, I didn’t anticipate miracle.  Therefore please do not interpret these are production numbers.

Back up time for 40 GB VM in Vembu

As per the screen above, for 40 GB it took 4 minutes and for subsequent backup it took less than 1 minutes. In my opinion, this is excellent speed.

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