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Connect the Backup Appliance to vCenter Server–VDR

The VMware Data Recovery backup appliance must be connected to the vCenter Server to perform automated tasks such as automated backups and reclaim operations.


Typically, when a backup appliance is powered on, it is automatically connected to a vCenter Server, but you may need to complete this process manually. To connect the backup appliance, you can use either the virtual machine name or the IP address. DNS entry is not a requirement here. If vDR doesn’t connect using hostname, use IP address.


1. In the vSphere Client, select Home > Solutions and Applications > VMware Data Recovery.

2. Select the backup appliance from the inventory list in the left pane. Backup appliance names are displayed in bold to help identify possible choices. Alternately, you can enter the virtual machine name or IP address of the backup appliance. Click Connect.

If this is the first time a vSphere Client has connected to the backup appliance, the Getting Started wizard is launched automatically.

3. In the Credentials page, enter a username and password and click Next.

Data Recovery uses this information to connect to vCenter to perform backups, so the specified user account must have administrative rights.

4. In the Backup Destinations page, select a backup destination from the list of choices.

5. Click Next. The initial system configuration is now complete and the Create a New Backup Job wizard opens by default

6. In the Configuration tab, select Backup Appliance.

7. Click the Set vCenter Server or ESX/ESXi Host link.

8. Enter the vCenter user name and password and click Apply. The appliance stores the information required to connect to vCenter Server to perform backup and restore operations.

The backup appliance is now connected to the vCenter Server and backups can now be completed.

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