• Preetam Zare

Create a Resource Pool in the vSphere Web Client

You can use resource pools to hierarchically partition available CPU and memory resources of a standalone host or a cluster. You can use resource pools to aggregate resources and set allocation policies for multiple virtual machines, without setting resources on each virtual machine.

You can create a child resource pool of a standalone host, resource pool, vApp, or DRS cluster. You cannot create resource pools in a cluster that is not enabled for DRS.


Required privilege: Resource.Create resource pool on the parent object for the resource pool.


1. In the Hosts and Clusters view of the vSphere Web Client inventory tree, select the parent object for the resource pool.

2. Click the All Actions icon ( ) and select Inventory > New Resource Pool.

3. Type a name to identify the resource pool.

4. Specify how to allocate CPU and memory resources and Press OK

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