• Preetam Zare

Create a vApp in the vSphere Web Client

After you create a datacenter and add a clustered host enabled with DRS or a standalone host to your vCenter Server system, you can create a vApp.

You can create a vApp under the following conditions.

A standalone host is selected in the inventory that is running ESX 3.0 or greater.

A cluster enabled with DRS is selected in the inventory.

You can create vApps on folders, standalone hosts, resource pools, clusters enabled with DRS, and within other vApps.

Select vApp Name and Location

The name that you enter is the vApp display name that appears in the inventory.


1. Right-click any inventory object that is a valid parent of a vApp and select Inventory > New vApp.

Valid parents of a vApp include clusters, resource pools, hosts, or other vApps.

2. In the vApp Name text box, type a name for the vApp.

3. Select the datacenter or folder in which to deploy the vApp.

4. Click Next.

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