• Preetam Zare

{Day-03} Learning VMware Cloud Foundation

Standard Architecture

With the standard architecture model, management workloads run on a dedicated management domain and user workloads are deployed in separate virtual infrastructure (VI) workload domains. Each workload domain is managed by a separate vCenter Server instance which provides for scalability and allows for autonomous licensing and lifecycle management.

Take Away

  • Standard Preferred Architecture

  • Targets medium to large deployments

  • Dedicated vCenter for every WLD. MGMTDOM is also considered as WLD

  • simplifies licensing (need to elaborate on this part)

  • Segregation of WLD allows SDDC manager to independently control LCM and ensures stability of Tenants Workloads. By LCM It means provisioning, configuration and Upgrade, patch and expansion of all the SDDC components.

More details needed here

What are core parts of SDDC Components

  1. SDDC Manager (it is virtual appliance)

  2. vCenter

  3. vSphere

  4. VMware vSAN

  5. NSX-v and NSX-T

  6. vRealize Suite covering

  • vRealize Log Insight (default design and configured as per VVDs)

  • vRealize Automation (optional deployed)

  • vRealize Operations (Optionally deployed)

Need to check or match with BOM and licensing model


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