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{Day-06} - Continuing from Day-05 VMware Cloud Foundation use cases and further more

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

VCF is Positioned as simplest path to Hybrid cloud. This is the bottom line and keep repeating yourself. To add more, The most simplict way to extend the boundaries of the data center with Hybrid cloud.

Might interests you is that "You can consume VCF as a service through AWS,IBM, Rackspace"

Built on VMware Validated Designs (VVDs).

vSphere, vSAN and NSX are the fundamental blocks of VCF. By all means, these are the most stable product VMware has released. vSAN still youngest of them though. vRealize suite is also part of it and deeply integrated. The reason I see it is not part of fundamental building block is because today, it do not support direct automatic patching and upgrading of vRealize suite. You need to install vRealize Lifecycle Manager

Management is done via vCenter and SDDC Manager. I can see it will remain as is.

Each WLD becomes a end-point for vRA and vROPS. I have breifly that covered here

Source: VMware

Focused to bring the same simplicity as the ESXi installation. e.g. Entire SDDC stack is not only easily deployable but also can be maintained. But of course, it is not as easy as you could imagine. There are so many moving elements are involved. It bring lots of constraints but all these constraints, trouble, rules, pre-requisites are worth.

Physical building block choices are simple e.g. select any vSAN ready node and your choice of ToR switches.

Even if you are using FC as Primary Storage, it is still recommended to go for vSAN ready nodes.

Pre-build systems (earlier VCE tried and failed big time on price front but with price comes huge reliability) are also available from Dell (VxRack), Fujitsu (Primeflex), HP Enterprise (HPE Synergy), QCT (yet to find the name), Hitachi ( Unified Compute Platform RS)

vCenter runs in Enhanced Linked Mode. There is single vSphere.local SSO domain created for all the vCenters deployed in the SDDC stack. Two PSC are installed and deployed as per the design.

vRealize LogInsight is installed as part of the Bring Up process. This ensures that critical components are of the SDDC stack are monitored from the start. You can also start monitoring WLDs with simple Click. You need sufficient license key for it to work. That goes with stressing, having a logging solution is critical for SDDC.

Hybrid Linked Mode

Enchaned Linked Mode becomes hybrid linked mode when you have vCenter in Office and other vCenter in AWS. Enchanced Linked Mode (ELM) also brings the same benefit as ELM and it explains itself. But right now limited to only on VMware Cloud on AWS instances.

VMware HCX

This a totally separate subject. But to cover few things. It is solution offered by HCX to connect to AWS/other Cloud. It is L2 tunnel established between on-premises and Public cloud. How it functions? It is still unclear at this stage. I might cover but this is more a networking topic. The use cases are

  • Complete DC evacuation

  • Legacy Hardware Refresh

  • Cloud Migration

  • BC/DR

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