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Few interesting articles on VMware Horizon – Sept 2019

Interesting article on VDI Protection.

It is worth reading. Part01 and Part02. While reading above articles came across rich Technical resource on VDI. It is here. Must bookmark.

How to successfully logoff users in Horizon

I recently faced similar problem. Thanks Wouter for writing. It is super rich in content.

Wish to know how Horizon Load balancing algorithm works.

Here is excellent resource –>

Horizon 7.10 is released, time to upgrade (hopefully)

Upgrading Horizon 6 to 7.x or 7.x to latest 7.9? Lars (I have huge respect for him) covers the piece. Worth checking it here –>

Caution on deploying vCenter 6.7 U2c or 6.7U3

If you happen to be running or deploying 6.7 U2c or 6.7 U3 definitely worth checking out KB74678 where install, converge or domain-repoint can fail. #vSphere67 #vSphereUpgrade #vExpert #VMUG — David Stamen (@davidstamen) September 26, 2019

VMware Automation with Ansible

It is worth to pull the code from Github. I would love to see some Demo it.

Accelerating #VMware automation using #Ansible by @Pyro46#vExpert — Markus Kraus (@vMarkus_K) September 27, 2019

VMware Security Advisories Explanation

Simplicity is central Theme of vMiss. I like her blog post. Below is probably missing Manual much needed for Vmware security architects.

Everything you need to know about VMware Security Advisories and Incident Response | #infosec #VMware #vExpert #security #ITPro — vmiss (@vmiss33) September 25, 2019

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