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Final Post on Upgrading Vembu BDR Suite to Version 4.0

So, this is where we aimed 4 weeks earlier and finally we have been there. This post like earlier post is full of screen capture. Some people do not like blog posts with screen capture. Of course I agree with them but not fully. Sometime pictures helps us understands better. More screen means less text and more information. In case you reach this post directly, you may like to read part01, part02 and part03

In previous post especially here especially here, I have covered what is provided in this release. I would also try to put focus on those features. Now before we start our upgrade process, we have to take snapshot. I have covered this in part03. So assuming we have snapshot, let’s move through usual process.

Vembu BDR Snapshot before Upgrade

Before we proceed I would like to show how the storage pool management looks in v3.x

Vembu Storage Pool Management

Also it is also good practice to check what version we are. we are at v 3.9.1. Below is the screen for it.

Vembu BDR Upgrade from v3.91

Prerequisites before Starting

  1. No Backup jobs are running

Also most important thing i recommend to check if there is any active job running. In Vembu BDR suite, this information right on the front page. Below I have with intention depicted this important piece of information.

  1. All existing backup are successfully. You can check this by going to Backup Report

Vembu Backup Report

In above example it took 26 minutes to complete a full backup. After upgrade I found the backup time is drastically reduced. It was completed in 13 minutes. But many factors influences the backup window so I cannot claim if could true with your cases as well. But worth finding it out. A great business benefit for your organisation.

Vembu Upgrade Process

So first screen blew up completely. Brand new interface. Amazing design. It is just adds its own flavor to the product. Have a look below.

Vembu BDR Upgrade Wizard v4.0

Now next few screens are purely information. First is standard EULA

Vembu BDR Upgrade Wizard v4.0 EULA

Post this screen there is important information. This is very essential for Hyper-V backup host. Please give yourself some time to read it. Not much to worry but you should know their is impact on backup window after your upgrade is completed. A full backup is initiated.

And here, below the screen again warns about the restart of Vembu Backup service.

Vembu BDR Upgrade Wizard v4.0 Service restart information

Finally, we get the below screen which confirms backup is successfully completed.

Vembu BDR Upgrade Wizard v4.0 Completed.

Vembu BDR Brand New Interface

Post Upgrade Checks

  1. First check authentication is happening. Log into the Vembu and provide your credential.

2. Secondly, check if the Backup jobs are present. This should check by editing the job and see all is saved successfully.

3. Thirdly check the version is upgrade to the right level.

Vembu BDR Version

4. Finally, check if the backup reports are present in the Backup report section.

Finally, check if the backup reports are present in the Backup report section.

These steps confirms database is intact and it should be safe to check whether backup and restore can function well.

New Feature Validation

Here I will describe what new features are introduced in Vembu with screen captures. First is Quick VM restore report.

Quick VM Recovery Report

Here I can see the Quick VM report clear specifics the date and time of process it started. This was not there earlier. I have depicted that in earlier post.

Vembu Quick Recovery Report v 4.0

Backup Account Credential

This is brand new feature, this was much awaited in this release. Adding Backup account is really easy. First click on Management section (1), then go to the (2) Credentials.

Credential for Backup Account

Follow the screen by entering your user account details. I have shown it for your convenience below.

Vembu Credential Manager

I have provided some description for easier follow up in future.

How to provide Credentials

Here is how it would look after we are done with configuring the account.

Credential Management

VMware Backup Report is also enhanced. Below is small snippet about it. You could see more details which we were unavailable in the previous release.

VMware Live Recovery Report

In the beginning of this post I showed you the Dashboard. With Version V4.0 I have reposted the dashboard of version 4.0.

Improved Vembu Dashboard in V4.0


Here we conclude full end to end upgrade of Vembu BDR suite. Do note I have not covered how to upgrade the clients. This is more a production environment and hence couldn’t cover in my lab. Do you want to do see how easy it is? Here is the complete simplified guide.

Though the upgrade is simple but you would find this guide very helpful. There could be many hurdles in your upgrade journey this guide is only a assistance to reduce that Journey. Hope you find it useful. I have kept the guide as short as possible around 600 words but this guide went bit further. But I really don’t to have another post just for few screen captures.

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