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Happy New Year 2014

Wonderful year 2013. It is gone and I’m thankful to 2013. Before I start in the past, let me say

2013 was marked with an achievement of goal VCAP5-DCD. I achieved it in July. It was the single most goal I had professionally planned. I’m extremely pleased to have achieve it and most happiest thing I did was shared my experience here and material which I used. This also means I never blogged in this period. Number of post where drastically reduced.However I’m not keen to see the hits increasing. All I’m keen to share knowledge. I have learnt most of the technology through blogs and I’m giving it back. In fact few of the bloggers really appreciated it here, here and here

Some time I blog to make myself to help me remember how to do a particular thing. In fact I still refer my powershell blog when I need any help. When I don’t have sufficient time to blog I use my facebook page. This year I purchased my own domain name and very proud about it.

As part of career progression I choose to upgrade myself with cloud technology post July 2013. Without doubt vCloud director was the product in my mind. But my lab was not sufficiently powerful. I had just 1 Socket (6 core) and 12 GB RAM. I choose upgrade it to 24 GB RAM and I’m happy this investment is really paying me.

I learnt it, I love it and I blogged about it. I think below blog post were the best part of my creativity and understanding of vCloud director.

  1. My notes on vApp -vCloud Director

  2. Initial Sizing for vCloud Consumer Resources

  3. Capacity Planning and Allocation Models in vCloud Director

  4. Availability considerations for Business Critical Application

  5. Reservation Pool Model–Behind the scenes

  6. Pod like Architecture for vCloud Director

  7. Organization, Organization vDC and Provider vDC

  8. Pay-as-you-go Resource Allocation Model behind the scene

  9. Landing Page for Zerto

Middle of October I came across a blog that vCloud director is no longer going to be strategic due many reasons. I have to choose and change my journey. Cloud skills are must in today’s market I want to sure that I have them which are in demand and will be best leveraged for better.

Mean while I choose to attend

I attended vCenter Orchestrator –developing workflow

I attended vCloud Automation Center 5.2

Hoping to leverage these training in career growth. However I won’t be blogging about these since there are so many of them are doing it and going to do it.

Goal for this year is to gain more knowledge about vCAC 6.0 and how it can be integrated with various ecosystem. I’m keen to see how vCAC interacts with Backup product, DR product and vCloud Director so on. I will blog about it. In fact recent Zerto series that is one of the plan to do so.

Keep blogging, Keep Sharing and Keep growing.

After all growth is sign of life

For by Preetam Zare


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