• Preetam Zare

{Day - 07 } VMware Cloud Foundation - Horizon Domain

A Horizon domain automates deployment of VMware Horizon components and supporting infrastructure to enable you to deliver Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) desktops and applications. These can be delivered as persistent, linked clone, or instant clone desktops. The Horizon domain can include VMware App Volumes for dynamic application mounting and User Environment Manager for a persistent end user experience.

Similiarly, Horizon Stack is deployed automatically. You have now also option over and above Workload domain, as Horizon Domain. Here you can start with Horizon 7.7 suite. All components are automatically deployed like over above vCenter, NSX Manager, NSX Controllers are

  1. view connection VMs

  2. view composer (unless you are using instant clone)

  3. load balancers to balance view connection servers

  4. load balancers for Unified Access Gateway

  5. User Environment Manager VM

  6. Unified Access Gateway VMs

  7. Integration of NSX with VDI Desktop

  8. App Volume VMs

Take aways

We have option to deploy all types of desktop pools. Application publication can also be done but looks like PSO is required here.


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