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How install VCSA on workstation 7.x

I’m working vSphere 5.0 for more than two months and I tried various non-conventional way to install VCSA on VMware workstation 7.x. As the methods were incorrect installation always failed. As VCSA comes in OVF format I was unsure how to use it on VMware workstation. As we are all preparing for VCP510 I was very keen to get this work. One of the typical method I tried was to use VMware workstation’s file menu’s export option. This was wrong choice.

Later on a quick search on google gave me a hint to use ovftool.exe. OVFTOOL.exe comes with VMware workstation and in installed at C:Program Files (x86)VMwareVMware WorkstationOVFTool

I cannot image it was simple after I came to know the magic tool was OVFTOOL.exe. Thanks to VMware they not made any check on VCSA.

Open command prompt at the above location type

ovftool.exe d:locationofvcsaovffile.ovf and you will get details shown below.

This provides lots of details. You can use this command even before installing this application.

Now go ahead and type following command

ovftool.exe locationofovffileofVCSA.ovf PlaceWhereYouWantCreateVM

I have shown an example below. (If screen unreadable, double click the screen)

Wait for it to complete 100%. Once complete go and open vmx file using VMware workstation. You can see below screen is pre-populated in workstation console. Power On the VM and you are ready to gooooooooooo. Remember to reduce the memory size from 8 GB to your requirements. I prefer 2 GB

You can follow similar steps and install vMA5.0 on VMware workstation.

Hurray…it saved lot of work for me….

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