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How To Change CPU Hot Plug Settings

The CPU hot plug option lets you add CPU resources for a virtual machine while the machine is powered on.

Considerations before using Hot Plug Settings

Hot-adding multicore virtual CPUs is supported only with hardware version 8 virtual machines.

To use the CPU hot-add feature with hardware version 7 virtual machines, set the Number of cores per socket to 1.

  1. Adding CPU resources to a running virtual machine with CPU hot plug enabled disconnects and reconnects

all USB passthrough devices connected to that virtual machine.

Verify that the virtual machine is running under the following conditions:

VMware Tools is installed. This condition is required for hot plug functionality with Linux guest operating systems.

The virtual machine has a guest operating system that supports CPU hot plug.

The virtual machine is using hardware version 7 or later.

The virtual machine is powered off.

Required privileges: Virtual Machine.Configuration.Settings

Select a virtual machine.

In the VM Hardware panel, click Edit Settings.

Click Virtual Hardware.

Click the CPU triangle to expand the CPU options.

Select Enable CPU Hot Add to enable adding CPUs while this virtual machine is powered on.

Click OK.

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