• Preetam Zare

How to Configure Processor Scheduling Affinity in the vSphere Web Client

The Scheduling Affinity option gives you detailed control over how virtual machine CPUs are distributed

across the host’s physical cores (and hyperthreads if hyperthreading is enabled).

NOTE This panel does not appear for virtual machines in a DRS cluster or when the host has only one processor core and no hyperthreading.

Using CPU affinity, you can assign a virtual machine to a specific processor.

This assignment allows you to restrict the assignment of virtual machines to a specific available processor in multiprocessor systems.

Power off the virtual machine.

  1. Select a virtual machine.

  2. In the VM Hardware panel, click Edit Settings.

  3. Click Virtual Hardware.

  4. Click the CPU triangle to expand the CPU options.

In the Scheduling Affinity panel, enter a comma-separated list of hyphenated processor ranges.

For example, “0, 4-7” would indicate affinity with CPUs 0,4,5,6, and 7.

Selecting all processors is identical to selecting no affinity.

You must provide at least as many processor affinities as you have virtual CPUs.

Click OK.

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