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How to Extend a Disk–VDR

To make more space available, disks can be extended. But extending a disk requires that there be a disk available with free space to accommodate the extension.

Power On the Backup Appliance

The virtual machine backup appliance must be powered on to perform backups. The backup appliance is automatically powered on in some cases, but you may choose to power the backup appliance on manually, for example, to change the password.


To help ensure time zone information is correct, when first powering on the backup appliance, use vCenter Server. After the first time the backup appliance is powered on, time zone information is set. After this information is set, the backup appliance can be powered on from the host without consequences to the time zone.


1. In the vSphere Client, select Inventory > VMs and Templates.

2. In the inventory, right-click the vDR appliance and select Power On.

3. After the virtual machine is powered on, right-click the backup appliance virtual machine and choose Open Console.

4. The console window for the backup appliance appears.

5. Select Login and press enter, Provide the username and credentials for this system.

If this is the first time logging on to the backup appliance, the default credentials are

username: root

password: vmw@re

If the root account password has not been changed from the default, use the passwd command to change the password for the root account to a strong password of your choosing.

6. Leave the backup appliance powered on, ready to complete backup tasks. And you can close the console window

Shutdown Tip

If you need to shut down or restart the backup appliance, do not do so while backups are in progress. Before shutting down the appliance, stop all backups using the Data Recovery client, wait for the backups to stop, and then shut down the appliance.

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