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How to Install the Client Plug-in–VDR

From today onwards I’ll be blogging about on VMware Data Recovery administrator guide and all post will be referred using Title – VDR

Install the client plug-in on a computer that will be used to manage Data Recovery. You must install the client before you can manage VMware Data Recovery. This is needed to be installed on every remote client used for.


vCenter Server is running in your environment

If there is a firewall between the client and the backup appliance, port 22024 must be open before Data Recovery can be managed with the vSphere Client.

The client plug-in, backup appliances and FLR client must be the same version.


1. Insert the Data Recovery installation CD.

The VMware Data Recovery Installer window appears.

2. Click Data Recovery Client Plug-In.

3. Follow the prompts of the installation wizard.

4. Start the vSphere Client, and log in to a vCenter Server.

5. Select Plugins > Manage Plugins and make sure that the Data Recovery plug-in is enabled.

You can now use the client plug-in to manage Data Recovery. If the Data Recovery is not registered in the vSphere Client, restart the client.

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