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How To Open a Virtual Machine Console in the vSphere Web Client

With the vSphere Web Client, you can access a virtual machine’s desktop by launching a console to the virtualmachine. From the console, you can perform activities in the virtual machine such as configure operatingsystem settings, run applications, monitor performance, and so on.


n Ensure that the Client Integration Plug-in is installed in your Web browser.

n Verify that the virtual machine has a guest operating system and that VMware Tools are installed.

n Verify that the virtual machine is powered on.

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1 Select a virtual machine.

2 In the Guest OS Details pane on the Summary tab, click Launch console.

The virtual machine console opens in a new tab of the Web browser.

3 Click anywhere inside the console window to enable your mouse, keyboard, and other input devices to work in the console.

4 (Optional) Press Ctrl+Alt to release the cursor from the console window and work outside the console window.

5 (Optional) Click Full Screen to display the console in full screen mode.

6 (Optional) Press Ctrl+Alt+Enter to exit full screen mode.

7 (Optional) Click Send Ctrl-Alt-Delete to send a Ctrl+Alt+Delete to the guest operating system.

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