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Installing auto deploy server & configuring tftp server

Installing Auto Deploy Server

1.Start vCenter Installer by double clicking on autorun.exe 2.Select VMware Auto Deploy and click Install below to start Installation

3.Choose language of your choice, for me it is English

4.vSphere Auto Deploy Installation Wizard starts, Press “Next >”

Accept End-User Patent Agreement by pressing “Next > ”

5.Accept EULA by pressing “Next >”

6.Accept the location to install Auto Deploy

7.I prefer/recommend to change the image repository, simple to be able to locate when needed. Select size as per your requirement, 2 GB will be more than enough for most of the environment

8. Provide vCenter credentials. Please note only one Auto Deploy can be associated with vCenter

9. Provide the Auto Deploy Server Port

IP address is the only option, I think in next version they might come up with FQDN

10. Review the screen, press Install to proceed with installation.

11. Screen below shows installation in progress

12. Installation is completed at this stage

13. Login to vCenter, go to home screen as show and confirm Auto Deploy Icon is present

14. You will see the pop up for certificate warning, click the checkbox as shown below and click Ignore button to proceed further

15. Optionally for troubleshooting purpose you can check if the plug-in is registered with the vCenter by selecting Plug-in from menu bar and reviewing the Plug-in Manager as shown below screen

Configure Auto Deploy Server with TFTP Server and DHCP Server

1. Double click Auto Deploy Icon as shown in the above screen.

2. Hover over to “Download TFTP Boot Zip” file and Download TFTP file as shown below

3.As this is Zip file, extract the file using your zip utility.

4.Extract the content of TFTP Boot file directly into TFTP root directory

5. Select the TFTP Root directory which you might have configured as discussed in this post

6. Screen below shows you the extracted files, and Boot file which is the most important file.

Next > is to configure DHCP Server, TFTP Server, Auto Deploy Server and Simple Test

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