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IT NEWS in 3rd Week of Oct 2019

I really like doing this IT round up. Hope someone is reading and having fun. In either case, I love to collect it and bookmark myself for self use.

So let start.

Cloud, Virtualization

In under Virtualization, Cloud,  here is what we have

Are you in Reston, VA  20190 or around think of registering for VMware Cloud on AWS. I would do this. This is must for any Virtualization person.

Here is the link to register for VMware Cloud on AWS Boot Camp

First Physical to Virtual, Now Virtual to Cloud

If you have been involved in to P2V project, Im sure you would recall the days. You might to find your old migration documents, checklist. Though Cloud is little bit different. The principle and framework remains unchanged. This is bit long article but worth reading.

Here is the link 10 Keys To Successful VMware Cloud On AWS Migrations

Fifty-four percent of respondents who said they’re considering VMware Cloud on AWS cited scalability as one of the top drivers, followed by strategic IT initiatives (49 percent) and cost-savings (45 percent)

Another interesting article under same category. 6 Tips for Easing Migration to VMware Cloud on AWS. Also worth reading. It is to the point.

What is your responsibility as a customer in Cloud

 May be less bothered and ignored but most important. Please read this. After reading this article I wonder what will be TOC. Will it be same. Is cost reduction a real reason for Cloud migration. What problems we are trying to solve.

Should I go to Azure or AWS – Compare VMware-based hybrid clouds

I hope it was as simple as I cloud think of. But it is not as simple as below link suggest. As I said, it is good to start somewhere and dig deeper from the angle which matter most to you.

VMware Cloud on AWS Assessment

Are you interested in self cloud assessment and you are in DACH region. Think of Comdivision. VMware Cloud on AWS Assessment portal is amazing and gives you fair idea what you need.

Here is the link to VMware Cloud on AWS Assessment

PSOD – A Technical Deep Dive

Not much in detailed in written on PSOD i.e. Purple screen of death. Here is an excellent article on it. The most important piece of how to troubleshoot it especially the log section and how to prevent it. It is deep technical article you will need a strong coffee.

Here is the link: How to deal with PSOD

Veeam, Desktop Virtualization and Windows 10

Write for Veeam Program

Last week Veeam Event finished in Prague. Many things came across. One of the most amazing thing which caught my attention is the Opportunity for your make money out of your blog.

Here is the link Write for Veeam Program

It is never Me, Mich, it is always US, Uns

I strongly believe IT is alway US and not our Network team our Storage team. In fact todays world (NSX, AWS, Azure) these borders are going incognito mode.

One of the most dangerous things that business folks can do is to create a “us and them” mentality between those that use IT services and those that deliver them. Amazing series of Blog from Jason Buffington, Veeam VP, Solutions Strategy

How to secure your End user Windows device especially POWERSHELL

Here is an amazing piece of article from Dave. This quality of blog is so rich, you might only find them in SANS training. Thanks Dave for this effort. By the way Dave has many interesting article. This is Blog for VDI expert or EUC champions is must to follow.

Here is the link to Secure Powershell In Your EUC Environment

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