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KIOSK Mode considerations in View

why we need a KIOSK mode?

Read the use cases in Mind map below.Kiosk is associated with virtual desktop using clientID/MAC Address of end point rather than user’s credentials.

What is KIOSK mode?

It is hardened desktop or trim down version of OS to provide access to common services which do not need authentication (a.k.a Anonymous use). These services are light in use and normally interactive.

How does kiosk mode works in View?

Best Practices

As best practice do not use same connection server to handle production environment and Kiosk clients. Why? This practice simplifies client configuration and can help prevent intrusions.

Since passwords of Kiosk client are auto generated, ensure windows OS do not auto lock when unattended or shutdown. Disable shutdown

Enable refresh immediately upon logoff setting in pool to prevent any inadvertent changes in settings.

Disable function keys Control+Alt+Delete

NB:I have put how to procedure as I have to try it myself

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