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Landing Page for Zerto

I see Zerto is getting huge hits in my blog. I had always an intention to create a Index page for all Zerto articles and blog post once series is over. Apparently the blog post has already cross double digit number, one of my linkedin colleague requested me to do so. Thanks Sudhish. Here it goes. Now there are internally links to the article as well

  1. Introduction of Zerto

  2. Installing Zerto using Express option

  3. Installing Zerto using custom option & Using Zerto Interface using vSphere Client

  4. Getting familiar with Zerto User Interface (UI) -vSphere WebClient

  5. Installing VSS Agent from Zerto

  6. Installing & Configuring Zerto Virtual Replication Appliance (VRA)s

  7. Create and Configure Virtual Protection Group (VPG) in Zerto

  8. Advance Configuration of Zerto Virtual Replication

  9. Discussion on monitoing Virtual Protection Group (VPG) in Zerto

  10. Checkpoints in Zerto (Automatic & Manual)

  11. Basics about Recovery Procedures in Zerto

  12. Failover Test Operation Procedures in Zerto

  13. Live Failover & Move Operation Procedures in Zerto

Update: Zerto is not currently certified by VMware Certification Program. If you are using it for production purpose refer KB: 2069900 & do not hesitate to contact Zerto

Thanks to Michael. I’m regular reader of his blog


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