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Last Week Of Oct 2019

If you are still following me, I'm sure you must have missed my weekly updated. I could not complete previous week. But things are ready to be shared. And now we are just 8 weeks away from new year.

As Built Report by Tim Carman

If you have loved RVTools, then this is another PowerSpielZueg you must have in your kitty. System Administrator/Architect you should have this handy. Here is the Youtube VMworld2018 link and link to the site

What surprises me is so few people know about this wonderful tool

Windows 2019 Snapshot quiesce is failling

Are you already on Windows 2019, the answer is likely big NO. In fact I know many customers who do not have migrated to Windows 2016. Right now there is open issue with VMware and Microsoft. Though the KB Article is pretty much old (almost 10 months), the last update has not changed much. So good reason not upgrade Windows 2019 :)

White Paper — VDI with EMC PowerMax and Horizon Enterprise 7

I'm personally FAN of EMC documentation. I think it is industry standard. Recently whitepaper released for EMC PowerMax. By the way PowerMAX is high end storage year or before launched by Dell EMC. This product is basically replacing VMAX. It is no longer available.

Worth learning Docker or Kubernetes

You might be surprise by my question? But reality is if you have invested time in learning particular technology and you see it dying much earlier than expected. Docker is almost gone and there is amazing article written by HFT Guy. Please read it. It gives insight why Docker is not longer part of enterprise and Why Kubernetes is rising.

There is similiar blog by Chris Evan where he is deeply discussing the point of investing time but unfortunately that blog post is no longer available. It was really good write up.


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