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Mindmap for selecting between Persistent or Non-Persistent Desktop and Endpoint selection

I’m feeling quite great for two reasons 1) I have finally learnt how to use mind mapping 2) I’ve have rewired my brain to think of dependencies and impacts. Below is the mind map which will aid in selecting persistent or non-persistent desktops. Idea is provide dependencies, pre-requisites and use cases. In previous post, I had similar intentions and I will continue the theme till I feel comfortable about it. In below figure, three important inputs you would need

User profiles (Task worker, shift worker, Heavy user)

How many desktops you are planning and how are these desktop maps to the user profiles e.g. how many of them will be used by task worker ?

Endpoints used (will you use existing desktops?)

In order to make decision between persistent or non-persistent desktop pools, you may start reviewing use cases first. However I’m starting from top i.e Potential Implications (Road Blocks in using non-persistent desktops)

1. There is requirement to retain temp files, user activity logs , there is requirement for forensic or compliance on data retention especially of user activity. This is first solid requirement which discourages for use of non-persistent desktops

2 Floating pool is allocated on first come first bases. So, if there is failure of desktops, user just login back using view client and he gets the desktop in less than a minute

3. Recoverability as long as there are additional desktops in pool, Desktop is immediately available for use e.g. 300 desktops are provisioned and only 275 desktops are in use, 25 will be available for use in case desktop fails. However if ESXi fails there is chance that user have to till VMs get rebooted on other unless VMs are to catered towards N+1 failure even at VM level

3. Application licenses are to be procured for total number of desktops e.g. AV (Unlike concurrent users license e.g. VDI Desktop license and or RDS CALs)

4. In order to achieve unique desktop experience for each user, persona management is must.

5. Use cases: This is the crux. e.g. Most of the users will be roaming and will be using different desktops/endpoint everyday or users will be shift workers or solution must support DR or application is virtualized using App-v/ThinApp. All these use cases will drive your decision towards non-persistent desktops. Similarly discussion can be done on left hand side (Shown below) for persistent desktop.

To keep things simple I have not shown the entire mind map. I hope this will help you in driving conversation in right direction and making right choice for the customer. I’m fairly new to VDI therefore I might miss few important design factors. I’m always happy to hear it and learn from it.

Let’s look at VDI end point selection mind map. I suggest you start from the tail here i.e. are you going to do a greenfield and if yes, how many of VDI desktops will be audio/video

Are you going to repurpose desktop? Then how about OS licenses? Is security a primary criteria?

Below is another mindmap around end point selection but it is traditional approach of cons/pros highlighted for each endpoint. Below map can also drive your discussion to selecting endpoint and relate it to customer’s use cases.

All these mindmaps will give you fair idea on what Endpoint selection. I must admit there might more factor which will influence your design but these are pretty big blocks to start with.

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