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My Vote for VMworld 2012 Sessions & Why

I’ve voted to almost 95 sessions for upcoming VMworld 2012 for both Americas and Europe. Call for public voting is open till June 8th (i.e. this is the last week, so hurry up !!!!!). Why I voted to below session or rather how I choose these sessions.

1. I wanted to prepare for VCAP-DCD, I voted for all session related to design e.g. vSphere 5 Design Discussions

2. I voted to all sessions which talks in deep about new features in vSphere 5.0. e.g. SDRS, Auto Deploy, VSA

3. I voted to all sessions which talks about securing cloud and design cloud architecture e.g. vShield Suite

4. Finally I voted to all sessions which reflects new stuff in their specific domains e.g. VXLAN, 10 Gb ethernet

1154 vCloud Director Infrastructure Resiliency: DR of the Cloud

1159 Architecting and Operating a vSphere Metro Storage Cluster

1166 Monitoring a vCloud Infrastructure

1167 Architecting for vCloud Allocation Models

1172 Using vShield and vCenter Configuration Manager to Achieve Better Than Physical Security for Business Critical Applications

1189 Utilizing SRM as a Migration Tool for Large-scale Data Center Migrations

1191 Designing a Successful SMB vSphere Deployment

1196 vCloud Director Networking Deep Dive

1199 vSphere Storage Appliance Deep Dive & New Features

1200 iSCSI Misconceptions, Configurations and Best Practices

1201 Increasing Application Availability Through vSphere HA Application Monitoring – Deep Dive

1202 Cloud Infrastructure Architecture and Operations Q&A

1209 Penetration Testing the Cloud

1218 Benchmarking, Capacity Planning, Performance Tuning for vSphere

1223 Design Considerations for Small and Medium Business (SMB)

1224 VMFS Native Snapshots and Their Advantages in VMware View Environment

1229 vCenter Operations Manager: Monitoring Cisco Switches

1232 Avoiding the 19 Biggest HA & DRS Configuration Mistakes – 2012 Edition

1239 VMFS5 Design, Troubleshooting and Best Practices

1242 VMware VSA Troubleshooting and Best Practices

1263 vCloud Director Networking: Looking Behind the Curtains

1264 Designing vSphere Host NIC Configurations from 1GB to 10GB

1282 Automating Security and Compliance with Disaster Recovery Using VCM, vCOps, vShield, VIN and SRM

1307 vCAT Part 1: vCloud Architecture Toolkit 3.0 Overview

1308 vCAT Part 2: Architecting a VMware vCloud

1309 vCAT Part 3: Operating a VMware vCloud

1310 vCAT Part 4: Consuming a VMware vCloud

1312 vCAT Part 5: Meet the vCATs Panel Discussion – vCAT Lead Architects

1314 How to Utilize vShield App to Micro-Segment Network

1315 How to Recover vShield App and Edge

1318 DoD Securing vCenter and ESXi

1319 A Deep Dive on FCoE Networking with VMware vSphere

1331 Optimizing SQL Server Performance in a Virtual Environment

1332 SQL Server for the VMware Admin

1366 Understanding ESXi Image Management

1369 Virtual Tier’s of Business Critical Applications

1373 Virtualizing Microsoft Active Directory Services

1399 EMC & NetApp: How to Make Good Storage Decisions

1405 Securing Your Virtualized Electronic Medical Records System

1420 Implementing Auto Deploy in Integration Engineering

1423 esxtop for Advanced Users

1430 Hunting Down Storage Performance Issues: A Customer’s Perspective

1431 Creating Large SQL Server Deployments

1464 Enterprise Firewall Replacement Using vShield Suite for a PCI Environment

1468 High Governance Private Cloud

1475 vSphere 5 Design Discussions

1476 Rumble in the Jungle: VMware SRM vs. Stretched Clusters Smackdown

1478 Hosting Microsoft SQL Server 2012 on vSphere 5 – Best Practices

1483 Data Recovery Best Practices in Virtual Environments

1486 Backup and Recovery Best Practices For Your Mission Critical Applications in VMware Virtual Environment

1496 vSphere AutoLab. Build Your Personal Training and Test Lab Using the PC You Already Have Without All the Hardwork

1497 Secrets of the vSphere AutoLab: How and When to Build Automation Into Your vSphere Deployment

1504 Ask the Expert vBloggers

1505 vSphere Replication: Technical Walk-through with Engineering

1514 Ultra-low Latency on vSphere: How Low Can We Go?

1520 vCloud Director and vSphere for Business Critical Applications

1545 Architecting Storage DRS Datastore Clusters

1593 To Stretch Or Not to Stretch (your vSphere Clusters), That is the Question.

1624 How to Design, Troubleshoot and Validate Storage Performance to Support Your Business Critical Applications – Deep Dive

1683 vSphere Cluster Resource Pools Best Practices

1740 Storage Lessons Learned Virtualizing Microsoft Exchange

1740 Storage Lessons Learned Virtualizing Microsoft Exchange

1750 Using vShield App to Deliver a Multi-tenant ESRI ArcGIS Infrastructure

1754 Micro-Segmentation of the Virtual DataCenter

1759 Securing a Virtualized PCI Environment Using vShield and vCenter Configuration Manager

1790 OS & Application Licensing in a Virtualized Environment

1792 Securing Multiple Data Centers with vShield App

1824 Architecting a vSphere Infrastructure for Exchange Server High Availability

1840 vSphere Hardening to Achieve Regulatory Compliance: Better, Faster, Stronger

1932 On Demand Virtual Network Gateway: vShield Edge

1955 A How-to Guide for Secure and Compliant Virtualized Healthcare Applications

1956 VMware Infrastructure Design: Concepts and Overview

1982 IBM System Networking Distributed Switch 5000V Basics

1992 Best Practice of Application High Availability for Virtualizing SAP Landscape

1994 Cyber Criminals Evolved: Live Malware & Hacking

2042 vShield Endpoint: What’s Up with That?

2084 PCI & PHI Compliant Environments Using vCloud Director

2087 vCenter Configuration Manager Enterprise: A Guide to Deployment and Getting Started for vSphere Administrators

2121 Top 10 Things You Must Know About VMware APIs VAAI, VASA and Others with Shared Storage

2162 VXLAN Deep Dive

2181 Cisco Nexus 1000v: Architecture, Deployment, and Management

2197 A Deep Dive on Virtual Distributed Switching & Cisco Nexus 1000v

2330 How to Enable and Host PCI Compliant Applications in a Private Cloud Environment

2442 Designing vSphere Network using HP Virtual Connect Flex Fabric

2453 vCloud Network Reference Architecture: Use-cases for Org and vApp Network Types, and their Integration to Physical Networks.

2463 vSphere Physical Connectivity – Deep Dive & Best Practices

2503 The Power of VXLAN in Modern Networking

2528 Bridging Virtual and Physical Networks with VXLAN

2548 Leverage VASA Enhancements to Gain Storage Visibility and Implement Storage Profiles for Application Environments.

2570 Best Practices for Storage Consolidation, Migration, and Optimization in VMware Environments

2586 Keeping it Free: A Technical Deep Dive into the VMware vCenter Server Appliance

2619 Metro Storage Clusters: Two Storage Vendors Discuss Key Considerations for VMware’s Latest HCL Category

2967 Network Administrators Guide to Deploy Network Virtualization with VXLAN on 10Gb Ethernet

2979 The ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ of Scale-out NAS with vSphere

3060 Securing VMware View 5.1 with vShield™ Endpoint Best Practices

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