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Networking in AHV using aCLI -101

Unmanaged network is same as you create in ESXi where vSwitch does the VLAN tagging/untagging

net.create ProdNetwork annotation=ProdNet vlan=99

And this is how it looks at GUI, Network with ProdNetwork is created with annotation is ProdNet and VLAN ID = 99

If you wish to a create managed network (a.k.a. DHCP Pool), recreate it with the ip_config parameter as shown below.

net.create networkwithPool annotation=NetwithDHCPPool ip_config= vlan=108 mtu=9000 dhcp_address=

net.add_dhcp_pool networkwithPool start= end=

net.update_dhcp_dns networkwithPool servers=,,

Check which VMs are connected to Production network

below lists down the networks


Now we wish to know which VMs are listed against Production network

net.list_vms Production

How to check what is the configured in these networks?

net.get networkwithPool

Below you see the GUI screen pasted

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