• Preetam Zare

Nutanix 101 [Draft]

A block is a rack-mountable enclosure (2U) that contains one to four Nutanix nodes. In multi-node blocks, the power supplies and the fans are the only components shared by nodes in a block.

Physical form of block

A Nutanix node is comprised of a physical host and a Controller VM. Either component can fail without impacting the rest of the cluster.

I learnt Nutanix hardware-platforms are based on super micro. There is nothing great about building servers in such a small form factor. what is great is how this hardware made is super simple for software consumption.

Lets discuss NX-3060-G4. 3060 can scale from 16 cores to 24 cores (two CPU), starting with 128 GB till 512 GB ram. Right now Nutanix is selling hardware plus software. Have OEM agreement with Lenova/Dell and list is expected to grow

per Node (a.k.a Block) you can have up to

24 x 4 = 96 cores

512 x 4 = 2 TB RAM

Sizing is not straight forward. I will park for future discussion.

Network cards

2 x 1 Gbps

2 x 10 Gbps (fiber)

4 x 10 Gbps (fiber)

2 X 10 Gbps (copper)

1 x IPMI (a.k.a DRAC/ILO)

power supply are hot swappable

Nutanix Controller VM data is on the SSD and it is mirrored to the second SSD on the same node.In the event of an SSD failure, Nutanix CVM will continue to run without any disruption.

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