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[Nutanix Cluster] Configure email based Alert configuration

Before I explain about the features mentioned in the subject of the blog, I would like to show you the HTML report. Below report cannot be simpler anymore, do you agree?. It is snapshot of Nutanix cluster. It is another reason to create a single cluster as discussed in previous post, as more clusters more reports. Most fascinating part of the report “it is Out of the Box [OOB]” experience. It details cluster name, block ID, cluster version. Table below details the alert severity where it occurred e.g. Node/Block ID and describes in a very lucid manner the issue is and possible cause for it. This was cluster specific health check and titled as Email Daily Digest :

How to configure?

Below screen shows how to configure email alert. If you check “Email Daily Digest” you will get above report. Enter email ID to whom you wish to sent it. By default Nutanix support is added to the list. Isn’t it great? as long as that mailbox is monitored and Port:80/8443 is opened to send the alert to Nutanix support portal. Email Alert checkbox is something I will cover later. Hint: It is one of best alert mechanism I have seen so far.

Now same email configuration is pulled by NCC. NCC is Nutanix Cluster Check. Aakash Jacob has written a great article on it here. I strongly recommend you reading it. NCC however runs on every node in the cluster and therefore this report going to be little clutter based on number of nodes configured in the cluster. Have a look at screen capture of my Nutanix CE edition. It is clutter but loads of tips/tricks and KB reference on how to fix it. Unfortunately KB portal is only opened to customers and Partners. Hope it will change soon.

How to configure NCC to send alerts?

ncc –set_email_frequency=24

Reference: –

just set the frequency as per your requirement. I have configured it to 24 hours below.

What time of the day you get these reports?

well I yet to find it out, as my timezone was set to PDT. I have changed it to GST. Tricky, Dubai is in Asia (to my surprise). I blame CentOS than Nutanix for it. So I learnt how to set a TimeZone on a cluster.

Do you know it is enable by default and you don’t need any further evidence to convince yourself why it is so. Start using it. Do note this is only for Nutanix Cluster and not of hypervisor. NCC checks are very critical and must be enabled.

Please note with hyper-converged you got to wear Hypervisor administrator and storage administrator “Thinking Hat”. You can quite easily mess up the data. More on it later.

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