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[Nutanix] NPP Journey

Starting this year I choose to learn a new technology which was Nutanix. In order to start the Journey I choose to put a goal NPP as a starting goal. NPP stands for Nutanix Platform Professional. I have found putting certification as a goal is best way to learn any technology. If you focus on certification of any particular technology, you are more likely to learn new technology as here the focus is to clear the exam. Nutanix as of now offers three certification NPP, NSS and NPX .

Where to start

  1. You must install nutanix community edition and here is the best blog i have found. This is the only blog which explains the workaround if you don’t have SSD

  2. If you have budget of 35,000 INR, I strongly suggest you enroll online plus exam.

  3. At least go through PRISM WEB CONSOLE GUIDE.

  4. And youtube videos here

  5. Optionally Nutanix Bible here

Online Plus Course

First & foremost this is very unique learning approach. You are given access to nutanix course material and lab starts after 2-3 days. It allows you to read training material at least 2 days before and helps you with good head start with Nutanix. One of the best part of Online Plus course, you have access to learning material even after you have completed your course. Unfortunately it is not documented anywhere but I suspect access will remain for more than a year. You don’t need to take any notes. This course duration is for 2 weeks and you get two lectures. First lecture is about lab and second one is question and answer session with instructor. I liked the second lecture a lot. Instructor was extremely knowledgeable and source of lot of information and has been part of this blog. It was worth 35k, however if your organization is going to enter in partnership agreement with Nutanix, you get free online plus course.

The NPP exam is free to all Nutanix customers and partners, Request an account from

Do you really need to do undergo this course. You would be surprised, it is completely optional. In fact NPP do not have any critiera. Do you want to give this exam?, just drop a email to they will send you email for exam. And it might surprise some of you, this is open book exam. You don’t have to go to any VUE/Prometric center for it. You can give this exam in group/Home/Office. It reminded me of how we use to pass compliance requirements in my previous organization. Jokes apart, you have a choice to be honest here. So this exam is free, this exam is open book. I did this course sometime in March and proud to say I have completed it within month. What next?

Reference for Nutanix Platform Pprofessional

Nutanix Certifications 

Nutanix Professional Exams

Nutanix Online Plus exam course description

Nutanix Online Plus Exam schedule

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