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Part: 03a -Use Zerto DR UI using vSphere Webclient

As we saw in last post (figure: 08) how to use Zerto inside classic vSphere client (c#). In this post I’m discussing how to enable Zerto Plug-in for vSphere webclient. You need a exe by name vSphereWebClientPluginEnabler.exe.

This file is located in the Zerto Virtual Replication folder “C:Program Files (x86)ZertoZerto Virtual Replication” shown below. It is worth noting file is just 9 KB in size.

Copy this file to a machine where you have installed vSphere webclient. vSphere webclient (server) is mostly installed on vCenter.

So you must install this on each vCenter so that Zerto web plugin is enabled

Note: With Chrome and Firefox browsers, you must load the script plug-in page in an external tab at least once before it appears inside the vSphere Web Client.

Next post we will be discussing Installing VSS Agent from Zerto

If you wish to follow entire series of Zerto go to the Landing Page


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