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Part: 03b – How to Install Virtual Replication VSS Agent

VSS stands for the Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS). It enables taking manual or automatic backup copies or snapshots of data, even if it has a lock, on a specific volume at a specific point-in-time over regular intervals. This ensures not just that the data is crash consistent but also application data is crash consistency. Extremely helpful when Application is VSS aware. All MS application are VSS aware.

Zerto Virtual Replication enables adding checkpoints to the journal that are synchronized with VSS snapshots. To get application level consistency VSS agents must be in installed on VMs which needs application data protection as well. VSS agents are provided by Zerto and must be download from their website. They are available in both 32 and 64 bit versions.

32-Bit Operating Systems64-Bit Operating SystemsWindows 2003 SP2Windows 2003 SP2 Windows 2008 -including all Service Packs & Releases Windows 2012 -including all Service Packs & Releases

Table: 01 Provides availability of VSS agent for 32 & 64 bit OS

To install the ZertoVssAgent:

Pre-requisite: Install dot net 4.x

Run either ZertoVss32Agent.msi (32-bit Windows OS) or ZertoVss64Agent.msi (64-bit Windows OS) on every virtual machine that uses VSS and that you want to protect with Zerto Virtual Replication. I have windows 2008R2 OS, so I will be using ZertoVss64Agent.msi. But during the install it prompted me to for dot net 4.0. So I copied dot net bits from zerto installation file and did next,next.

After do net was installed, installation proceeded without any problem. Below is just next next next….

Figure: 01 Press next to proceed

Figure: 02 Accept EULA to proceed further

Figure: 03 Select Installation location and press Next

Figure: 04 Press Next to initiate installation

Figure: 05 Press Next to initiate installation

At figure: 05 I saw port of Local ZVM was automatically populated but paired ZVM it was not. I took it to be 9080. But I was wrong. So I needed at this point what was that port. I checked settings by clicking (gear icon) –> Manage Pairing –> then the site to which wish to pair. There it goes 9081 port

Figure: 06 How to find the port of remote site

Figure: 07 Installation is successfully completed.

For whatever reason you wish to change the IP Address / Port of ZVM you can do so  by editing ZertoVssAgentGUI.exe.conf file in the ZertoVssAgent folder under the folder where the ZertoVssAgent is installed, for example, C:Program FilesZerto as seen below

Figure: 08 ZertoVssAgentGUI.exe.conf file

After installation is complete Add VSS Checkpoint short cut is placed on the desktop (seen in Figure :08). We will discuss about this shortcut in administration of Zerto.

In Next Post we will do Installation of  VRA and pair sites.

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