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Part: 07 Monitoring VPG

This post is more of screen cast focused on Administrator’s of Zerto. I felt the need to cover this post to make myself familiar with various screens and tabs. Figures shown in this post are bit small, I encourage you to double click them to view the original size for better readability.

Monitoring VPG –Summary Screen

Monitoring VPGs

Click on VPGs tab to find details about VPG. Various table heading can be seen and most of them are self-explanatory.

Monitoring VRAs

Click on VRAs tab to find details about VRA’s

Monitoring tasks using recent tasks

When you click the VRA, new tab is opened which explains all details about VRA. You can get most recent tasks by clicking recent tasks button.

Monitoring VPGs using recent activities

Monitoring Protected VMs

To know what all VMs are protected you can should visit VMs tab. It list down all VMs and VPG’s that they belong. Fields which I found bit difficult to  understand I have highlighted and commented where necessary

You might wonder what is red alert about (in left top corner). Red alert is because journaling history was less than 4 hours. This happened because of me turning off and on my Lab. If you turn off your lab, VMs stop replicating. VMs therefore do not sent any updates journal and which is explained by the alert below. Effectively there is no checkpoint at all.

Monitoring of VRA

From VRA’s tab you can click on any VRA to get details about individual VRA. Below screen is result of it.

Highlighted are the Summary area, configuration area, VPG name and VMs tab

Summary area provides the host version, name and VRA version. It has information on number of VPG, VMs and Volumes it is protecting.

Configuration area includes Name of VRA, compute, storage and networking details of VPG.

There are two tabs, VPGs and VMs. In VMs as shown above includes all information VMs being replicated from source to target site.

The Sites Tab

Explains everything about the site. Please do note I have only one replicating site. But as number of site increases this tab is going to be of great help to you.

Site Topology

Site topology is really handy when you have multiple sites configured. This visual provides information of site quickly.

One of the thing I like is about the explanation what incoming direction is and what outgoing direction is. However something I discovered -when you select either of the building Icon, only site name and ZVM IP details changes. Number of VPGs and Number Of VMs do not change. These are reflected based on which site’s ZVM you are accessing. In my case I’m accessing cuffe parade. This is  the site which is replicating 1 VPG and that VPG has three VMs in it.

Next post lets discuss Checkpoints in Zerto (Automatic & Manual)

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