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Preparing auto deploy environment 01

As part of preparation of auto deploy we will need following things

TFTP Server

Auto Deploy Server

DHCP Server

Image Profile using Image builder via PowerCli

Let’s prepare TFTP environment

Download the binary from Solarwinds here. You need to have corporate email id to register. Sorry to say this requirement shouldn’t be forced by Solarwinds.

Download is a zip file named

Extract it to suitable location and double click SolarWindsTftpServer.exe

Select radio button to accept EULA and press Next

Enter the details as required by your organization

Click Install to proceed with installation

Below screen shows installation is in progress

Installation in complete, press Finish to exit

Here installation of TFTP server is completed.

Open firewall port for TFTP server (For Windows 2008 R2 only)

TFTP works on UDP port 69

Click Start à Run à Firewall.cpl this opens Windows Firewall screen

1. Select Inbound Rule

2. Select New Rule

Select Port as TFTP works on UDP Port 69

Select Radio button “Specific local ports” and enter 69

Select “Allow the connection“

Select the connection where this rule must be applied

Provide suitable name for the rule and click Finish

Configure TFTP Server

Change the service type to Automatic delayed start. By default TFTP service is configured as manual. Changing it to automatic (Delayed Start) helps us from extra admin work

Configure TFTP Service’s Root directory by click from File menu –> Configure

Configure TFTP root directory as per your requirement. I have left it default. This screen also provides you ability to control TFTP service.

Next is to install Auto Deploy, Configure DHCP and TFTP.

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