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Procedure Filter a List View

On any inventory panel that displays a list, click the arrow next to the filter box at the top right of the pane.

1. Select the attributes on which to filter. Encircle red is new attribute introduced for checking snapshot consolidation flag

2. Enter search criteria into the filter field.

Custom Attributes

You can use custom attributes to associate user-specific meta-information with virtual machines and managed hosts. Attributes are the resources that are monitored and managed for all the managed hosts and virtual machines in your vSphere environment. Attributes’ status and states appear on the inventory panels. After you create the attributes, set the value for the attribute on each virtual machine or managed host, as appropriate. This value is stored with vCenter Server and not with the virtual machine or managed host. Use the new attribute to filter information about your virtual machines and managed hosts. If you no longer need the custom attribute, remove it. A custom attribute is always a string.Detailed post is available on my VCP4 blog

The custom attributes feature is available only when you are connected to a vCenter Server system.

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