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Reregister Auto Deploy (advance task)

Regardless of whether you are using the vCenter Server Appliance or a vCenter Server system installed on Windows, you must reregister Auto Deploy if the vCenter Server IP address changes.

For Windows based vCenter

Edit the setup file located at c:ProgramDataVMwareVMware vCenter Auto Deployvmconfig-autodeploy.xml and specify the new IP address.

You do not have to edit the file if you reregister for other reasons than a new IP address.

Run the autodepoy-register.exe command-line tool, specifying all required options.

autodeploy-register.exe -R -a vCenter-IP -p vCenter-Port -u user_name -w password -s setup-file-path

Though above example talks about the –setupfile, I have not found this setup file. It may or may not work, worth checking.

VMware vCenter Server Appliance

As per VMware KB you also need to run /usr/bin/autodeploy-register with same syntax mentioned above. Then restart the Auto Deploy daemon /etc/init.d/vmware-rbd-watchdog. You can start the daemon directly or use the Start ESXi Services and Stop ESXi Services vCenter Server Appliance buttons.

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