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Restore Files Using FLR Standard Mode in Windows–VDR

Use the File Level Restore (FLR) client in a Windows virtual machine to access individual files from restore points, rather than restoring entire virtual machines. This client is not required for the proper functioning of Data Recovery, but it does provide access to additional features.


FLR connects to the backup appliance using port 22024. If there is a firewall between the FLR client and ESX/ESXi, port 22024 must be open before restore points can be accessed using FLR. To work with files on other virtual machines, use advanced mode


1. Start the virtual machine in which you will use FLR.

2. Double-click the FLR executable. The VMware Data Recovery Restore Client window opens.

3. In the IP address / Name drop-down, select a Data Recovery appliance or enter the name or IP address of the appliance to which to connect and click Login. FLR displays a list of all available restore points for the current virtual machine.

4. Select a restore point and click Mount. The selected restore point is mounted as a directory on the local disk of the virtual machine being used. The contents of the restore point are now available and can be browsed from the virtual machine.

5. Browse or restore any desired files from the virtual machine.

6. When finished browsing or restoring files, click Unmount All and quit FLR.

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