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Review of VCP5 VMware Certified Professional on vSphere 5 Study Guide: By Brian Atkinson

After reading this book this is what I can conclude

This book will not only assist you in passing VCP510 but will also help you become a very good vSphere administrator.

And why do I think so….

Books is totally focused on VCP510 objectives and completely aligned to it.

Few things I liked about this book

1) This book has a very good section on how to use this book. It is very practical way to approach any exam. In brief where are you and then just fill the gaps to reach there.

2) In Maximum configuration page, you can see some component capacity has decreased in comparison with 4.1 release .e.g. Decrease in resource pools per host, port groups per vSwitch in comparison with 4.1. This helps architect to plan things while upgrading environment.

3) I really like the list of supported hardware and software FCOE adapter. Agree this list is available on HCL, but this is more a proactive approach which might help understand upfront what and who is supporting.

4) This book gives lot of additional practical information which is going to be great help in day-to-day working with vSphere product. E.g. vCenter Heartbeat comes separately and license needs to be purchased.

5) Every section not only explains the concepts in detail but also provides relevant reference and additional information via VMware KB article, tips and real world example.

6) Another example I can point out is troubleshooting chapter, this chapter talks why things go wrong in first and then focus on troubleshooting. So if you focus on not repeating the mistake you will spend less time in troubleshooting.

 7) If you’ve design vSphere environment, you will immediately feel there are many design elements recommended in this book. E.g. vSphere 5.0 virtual machine changes. CPU & Memory improvement is focused on Tier01 application. vMotion enhancements (configuring more than one vMotion network), Metro vMotion (Private to public cloud vMotion) totally focused on tier1 application. But then Aero support, Smart card support and USB3. 0 Improvements focused on virtual desktop

Finally when saw this book, I at once felt this book has very attractive cover and very well organized. I especially liked the graphics; I think graphics helps you grab GUI part.

Great Book and must for any vSphere administrator.


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