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Searching the vSphere Inventory

The vSphere Client allows you to search your vSphere inventory for virtual machines, hosts, datastores, networks, or folders that match specified criteria. If the vSphere Client is connected to a vCenter Server system that is part of a connected group in vCenter Linked Mode, you can search the inventories of all vCenter Server systems in that group.

You can view and search only for inventory objects that you have permission to view. Because the search service queries Active Directory for information about user permissions, you must be logged in to a domain account to search all vCenter Server systems in Linked Mode. If you log in using a local account, searches return results only for the local vCenter Server system, even if it is joined to other servers in Linked Mode.

NOTE If your permissions change while you are logged in, the search service might not immediately recognize these changes. To ensure that your search is performed with up-to-date permissions, log out of all your open sessions and log in again before performing the search.

Perform a Simple Search

A simple search searches all the properties of the specified type or types of objects for the entered search term.


1. Click the icon in the search field at the top right of the vSphere Client window and select the type of inventory item to search for.

· Virtual Machines

· Folders

· Hosts

· Datastores

· Networks

· Inventory,

which finds matches to the search criteria in any of the available managed object types.

1. Type one or more search terms into the search field and press Enter.

2. (Optional) If more items are found than can be displayed in the results pane, click Show all.

You can use Advanced Search… for finding more detailed information or using View > Inventory > Search ( Shortcut

a. Click Show options.

b. From the drop-down menu, select the additional property that you want to use to restrict the search results. The available properties depend on the type of object you are searching for.

c. Select or type the appropriate options for the property you have selected.

d. To add more properties, click Add and repeat steps Step 3b through Step 3c.

An advanced search always finds objects that match all the properties in the list.

4. Click Search.

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