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Setting Host Profiles to Prompt for User Input–AUTO DEPLOY

Host profiles allow you to pre-specify information, for example, the storage setup or Syslog setup in a reference host and apply the host profile to a set of target hosts that share the same settings. But sometimes certain settings are host-dependent e.g. IP Address, Hostname. If there is information which is unique to the host and it is missing, the host comes up in maintenance mode when you provision it with Auto Deploy. Apply the host profile or update the answer file to be prompted for input. The system stores your input and uses it the next time the host boots.

NOTE The answer file is not stored in a location or format that administrators can access. Use the Host Profiles UI in the vSphere Client to manage answer files.

When the host profile is set to prompt for user input, you must specify a value in the dialog that appears. An error results if you do not specify a value.

1. If you wish to have unique Administrator password for ESXi host when the host boots for the first time, use following host profile setting, so that you are prompted for root password for first time

Prompts for the password for root user on each host when the host boots for the first time.

Prompt the user for the DNS name of the host.

You can have the system prompt the user in all cases (User specified host name…) or prompt the user only if no default is available

1. Open Networking configuration.

2. Open DNS configuration.

3. In the right panel, click Edit next to What is the name of this host.

Select how the system manages the DNS configuration.

  1. Prompt the user for host name if default is not available

  2. User specified host name to be used while applying the configuration

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