• Preetam Zare

Start to end tenant configuration in vCAC

After going through the FAQ post, I thought it is easier to construct a flow chart based on my understanding. I’m happy I can cover most of the tenant configurations using below flow chart.

First : You create tenant (right hand side by name HR Tenant). While creating tenant you must create Tenant and Infrastructure Administrator

Second: Infrastructure Administrator creates fabric. In simple words he maps ESXi cluster/s inside vCAC. On left hand side, I have a cluster dedicated for HR Business Unit (HRBU) by name HR Cluster.  While creating fabric you must create fabric administrator.

Third:  HR Fabric Admin creates reservation and assigns that to HR Business group. He also creates Machine Prefix. Machine prefix is pre-requisite to create business group. He also can optionally create network profiles and reservation policies. These can be mapped to blueprints

Fourth: Tenant Administrator creates business group but unless machine prefix is created business group cannot be created. NB: There is option for Tenant administrator to create machine prefix. Tenant administrator then creates Blueprints. He publishes blueprints. Published blueprint is referred as catalog item. He creates service and assign catalog item to service. Assign entitlements to service, catalog items and Entitled actions to catalog items.

Briefly it looks like below

Lets do the above exercise using example as it would be more relevant to us. In below flowchart blueprints, catalog item, services and Entitlements are shown

Left hand side –Blueprints will be published and they become catalog items (the middle light blue). You then create service. Add catalog to the service. Finally you put the entitlements around Catalog items, Services and entitlements needed.

Next post I will talk about naming conventions in vCAC.

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