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Understanding the datarecovery.ini File–VDR

The settings in the datarecovery.ini file can be modified to affect how the backup appliance completes tasks. Modifying the datarecovery.ini file is an advanced procedure that is typically used to change Data Recovery behavior in an attempt to troubleshoot problems.

Procedure 1. Right-click the backup appliance virtual machine and choose Open Console. 2. Provide the username and credentials for this system. The default credentials are username: root, password: vmw@re. 3. Stop the data recovery service using the command service datarecovery stop. 4. Using an editor of your choice, modify the datarecovery.ini file. If the datarecovery.ini file does not exist, create a file called datarecovery.ini in /var/vmware/datarecovery. If you are creating a new datarecovery.ini file, the first line in the file must be [Options]. The datarecovery.ini file is case sensitive.

5. Save any changes and close the datarecovery.ini file. 6. Restart the data recovery service using the command service datarecovery start. There are lots of advance options worth exploring.

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