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Upgrading Vembu Server in action – Part 3

Continuing our Upgrade journey from Post 1 and Post 2, we have finally arrived a place where we must make our hands dirty. The success of this phase is completely depend upon how well you have planned the earlier phases. Without much ado, let’s get in.

My lab is at Vembu BDR v3.7. As per the migration guide I have to take multi step migration.

Vembu Upgrade Paths

The upgrades are really easy. First I have to upgrade Vembu BDR offsite components. Please note the order.

Vembu Upgrade order

Note: Both Vembu OffsiteDR and Vembu BDR should be upgraded manually in the respective order. Vembu Proxy Agents can be automatically upgraded via Vembu BDR Server, once BDR Server gets upgraded. Also note, backup agents can also be upgraded manually if required.

Important Step: Take a Snapshot Vembu server. Now I don’t recommend to take snapshot while it is running. Note Vembu has PostgresSQL server. Shutdown the server and take a snapshot. This is the safest way to take snapshot without losing data.

Since my server in the lab is Windows, I plan to show below all steps associated with Windows Server.

First, I log into Windows server with Administrative account. If you have UAC enable, take special care about it.

Vembu BDR Upgrade Setup Wizard

Press Next to proceed to the next step.

Vembu BDR setup is detected

Vembu BDR setup wizard smartly detects the existing product and offers us path to upgrade.

Vembu BDR Upgrade in Progress

Vembu upgrade takes bit of time. Please be patient here. Initially I thought the setup is hung. But it was not. Also it should be noted you do not need internet connection to download any specific patches.

Vembu BDR Upgrade Setup Wizard Completed

At this stage the upgrade is completed. Now I have upgraded to v3.8. I would like to highlight here, that you cannot add vCenter 6.7 in this version. So if you wish to support vCenter 6.7 I have to upgrade to minimum v3.9.1 or you will get face below error.

Error while upgrade to vCenter 6.7

Upgrade from v3.8 to v3.9

Now from v3.8 to v3.91 is also similar. I won’t repeat the screens. But I would like to highlight that when you move from v3.7 to v3.8 you do not have to shutdown the VM but when you move from v3.8 to v3.91 you have to restart Vembu server. The point I wish to drive is to plan your downtime accordingly. The reason we see require reboot is mentioned below. It is VHDX feature that got added in the version.

Vembu BDR Upgrade Wizard

Also important drivers were introduced to increase the stability of the server was introduced.

Vembu BDR Upgrade Wizard v3.91

Version 3.x

Before I proceed to upgrade to Vembu BDR Version 4.0, let me share few important things with you. Till version 3.x backup report looks like below.

Vembu Backup Report v3.9.1

And Quick restore was not there. Below I have done quick restore of VM, of course successfully. But there is no information on quick restore.

No Quick Restore Report in v3.9.1 but you can see in Vembu v4.0


We are now at v 3.9.1. We are almost there . Lot of exciting things. Earlier relevant posts you can find helpful are





Thanks for reading so far.

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