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Use Hosts with Static IP Addresses–AUTODEPLOY

By default, hosts provisioned with Auto Deploy are assigned DHCP addresses by a DHCP server. You can use the Auto Deploy answer file mechanism to assign static IP addresses to hosts.


1. Boot a host using Auto Deploy.

2. With vSphere Client, connect to the vCenter Server that manages the Auto Deploy host, select the host, and select View > Management > Host Profiles to display the host profile.

3. Select a host, select Edit Profile, and select Networking configuration > Host port group > Management Network > IP address settings > IP address.

4. Select User specified IP address to be used while applying the configuration.

5. Select Networking configuration > DNS configuration > DNS settings and make sure the Flag indicating if DHCP should be used check box is not selected.

6. Export the host profile and modify the rule that assigns a host profile to the hosts for which you want to use a static IP address.

7. In the vSphere Client, apply the host profile to be prompted for the information without rebooting.

a. Right-click the host, select Host Profiles > Manage Profile, select the profile to attach, and click OK.

b. Right-click the host and select Enter Maintenance Mode.

c. Right-click the host and select Host Profiles > Apply Profile.

d. When prompted, provide the IP address.

e. Right-click the host and select Exit Maintenance Mode.

8. The IP address is saved in an answer file. The next time you boot, the answer file information is applied to the host. One answer file per host is available.

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