• Preetam Zare

Using Data Recovery Logs–VDR

Data Recovery provides logging that can vary in degree of detail and conditions under which it can be used. Three notable types of logging include: • Basic Logs – These logs provide basic information.(Configured by default) • Verbose Data Recovery Logs – These logs provide more extensive information. • Client Connection Logs – These logs can be viewed even if you cannot connect to a backup appliance. It is possible to view the logs for a single backup appliance. To review all logging information in an environment with multiple appliances, it is necessary to connect to each appliance and review that appliance’s logs.

To view logs Click the Configuration tab and click the Log link.

To view Client Log, Appliance Operations Log, or Appliance Assert Log, hold down the Shift key, click the Log link

To modify the logging level, hold down the Shift key and click Refresh Log. The Logging Level control is displayed. Click the up or down arrows on Logging Level to override the default settings.

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