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VCAP-DCD5 — A experience and Achievement

It’s been quite long I was craving for VCAP-DCD5. Today I’m proud to have achieve it. Right from starting 2013 I totally was submerged in this goal and everything was taking second preference. I feel today a major milestone been crossed. I’m really thankful to Santhosh K, Sunny Dua, Heera, Prasenjit and Arsad << Guys your tips and tricks did the final magic.

Exam Preparation

I’m sorry I have nothing to share except my experience. Because what questions I answered was based on my experience and knowledge of vSphere. In fact if you read blueprint’s reference document 1000 times you will never get even a hint of how to answer the exam questions. I don’t meant that this exam is very difficult but I meant blue prints are hardly helpful. I don’t know what value it adds if you read all those 10,000 pages and you don’t find a single answers for 100 questions in those references. Jason boche has rightly said you can’t prepare for this exam by simply following blue print. You definitely need design experience or know how to design vSphere environments.

List of things I read.

Read Blue Print and it’s never ending material. I can sum that approx 10,000 pages

Went through vBrownBag

vSphere Design Course

vSphere Design 2nd Edition by Scott Lowe

TrainSignal’s Design Course

All most all white papers

Focused on Network Design, Troubleshooting –reference TrainSignal’s Advance Networking by Jason Nash

Focused on Storage Design, Troubleshooting –SAN Configuration Guide. NFS Best Practice by Corman

Read Entire blog series by

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A. VCDX Rough cuts(now of course released)

B. VCAP5-DCD Official Cert Guide

Almost all weekends sacrificed to study DCD

Never forget all this knowledge gained will help you in getting your foothold in defending VCDX which is THE PLAN

Exam Tips

Time is crazy on you. I completed last question when only 1 minute was left. In fact I was totally unhappy the way I answered last 20 questions as I was running out of time. Manage time and keep watch on time. Read Sunny’s post on it.

Read questions at least twice. You are likely get confused as I did. Questions gets tricky especially when you look at metrics and try to answer question which are never asked.

Make your vSphere basic as clear as possible and this were you will be tested a lot.

Understand Constraint (C), Assumption (A), Risk (R) and Requirement (R). I know you won’t find this is any document to test your knowledge. But as you go through TrainSignal’s Design Training, Design Book By Scott Lowe (2nd Edition) and vSphere 5.x Design Workshop you will get quite near to what is RRAC

Finally all Material which I used is available my google drive. It has most of the material high lighted with yellow highlighter, you can read entire PDF(which I did) or you can skip and read yellow highlights.

With that formal rights to use VCAP-DCD Logo.

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